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5 May
ansbach, bovaria, Germany
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anthrax, atheism, bass guitars, beatiful creatures, black, black sabbath, blood, blood red, bloodroot, cemetaries, chad gray, charles manson, charms, chris fehn, cold, corey taylor, cradle of filth, craig jones, cutting, danzig, death, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dracula, drums, ed gein, exodus, fire, full moons, gothic, gothic artitechture, gothic books, gothic writing, guitars, gurgg, halloween, hatebreed, hellraiser, horror movies, implants, james root, joey jordison, knives, linkin park, marilyn manson, mercyful fate, metallica, mick thomson, morbid angel, mortiis, mudvayne, night time, nile, nine inch nails, nofx, opeth, orgy, otep, ozzy osbourne, pagan, pain, papa roach, paul grey, piercings, pills, pinhead, placebo, pocketing, potions, rammstein, razorblades, reverend b dangerous, ryan martinie, scalpals, scalpels, scars, self injury, sepultra, seven, sharp things, shawn crahan, sid wilson, sinch, slayer, slipknot, smakdab, snake river conspiracy, soulfly, spag, spells, spineshank, staind, stars, surface piercings, synth guitars, system of a down, taproot, tattoos, testament, the shining, tombstones, tool, union underground, vampires, venom, wicca, witchcraft
my name is Aly, and im into slipknot, mudvayne, cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, linkin park, papa roach, marilyn manson, opeth, otep, drowning pool, beautiful creatures, static x, and other bands... i love horror movies. i have a big fascination with Death and his ways, and am i in no way afraid of death or afraid to die. cemetaries are calm, peaceful, mysterious, beautiful places to me. i find all aspects of death interesting. way you look when youre dead, how many ways there is to die, and what happens when you die, that sort of thing. i love blood and vampires, and know they exist. my favorite color is black and dark red.